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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to our most common questions here. Click the questions, below, to read the answer.

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Will the ChiliPad™ work with a Tempur-Pedic® or other memory foam mattress?

Yes, the ChiliPad™ covering was designed to stretch at the same rate as the most common mattress. Heat activated visco-elastic foam will still provide the supportive benefit, but without the heat buildup.

Is the ChiliPad™ Safety Tested?

The ChiliPad™ is SAA listed, which is an equivalent of UL testing, alternate configurations are also approved for use in Japan, Europe, and USA.

What is the weight limit?

The ChiliPad™ will operate effectively with a weight range up to 225 kg per zone. With higher weight ranges the control unit may not reach the maximum temperature range from 8°C (46°F) to 48°C (118°F), but will still provide significant cooling and heating benefits.

What are the dimensions of ChiliPads?

  • Single = 91cm x 190cm
  • Double (Full) = 137cm x 190cm
  • Dual Zone Queen = 153cm x 203cm
  • Dual Zone King = 183cm x 203cm

What are the dimensions of the control unit and tubing?

The control unit is 30.48 cm W x 27.94 cm D x 17.78 cm H. The tubes attached to the mattress pad are 122cm in length. 122cm extension tubes are available and sold separately. The remote control takes 2 AAA batteries to operate.

What is the actual temperature range?

The control unit will cool down to 16°C and heat to 43°C, but achieved temperature will vary depending on the environment and heat load.

How durable is the ChiliPad™?

The mattress pad is made from 150 thread count poly cotton material with polyester fill and medical grade silicone tubing. The silicone tubing that circulates the water was chosen because of its strength properties and durabilities. It will not be punctured by animal claws or under normal use.

How long is the electrical cord from unit to electrical socket?

The electrical cord is 2.4 meters long.

Can it be used in a boat, camper or semi truck?

The ChiliPad™ is a great solution to cool/heat your mattress in a boat, camper or semi. It provides an energy efficient option to meet truck idling requirements.

What type of water should be used?

We strongly suggest using distilled water or filtered water. Standard tap water can be used, but may increase sediment buildup.

How do you clean the water or avoid sediment buildup?

Hydrogen peroxide can be added each time the water is refilled. We recommend using one capful of hydrogen peroxide (about 15 ml). Please leave the lid off until the it stops fizzing when you put the peroxide in the water.

What is the pad made of?

The pad is Poly/Cotton fabric with a Polyester filling. The silicone tubing that circulates the water was chosen because of its strength properties and durabilities. It will not be punctured by animal claws or under normal use.

How do you clean the pad?

The ChiliPad™ is machine washable using a front load machine. Dry on a low heat setting. Be sure to secure the tail (tube) to the pad.

What are your shipping charges?

Shipping in Australia is approximately $25 per control unit and pad. Please check shipping charges by adding the item to your cart. Delivery to New Zealand is $40.

Will you ship internationally?

We will gladly ship internationally. International orders require an additional $200 freight charge.

What are the power details?

The ChiliPad™ uses up to 150 watts per control at peak and about 80 watts under normal use and works with common 220V power systems.

Should I still use a mattress protector?

We recommend a mattress protector be placed between the mattress and the ChiliPad™ to protect the mattress warranty. In rare cases (temperature differences of greater than 25°) the ChiliPad™ can experience some condensation near the circulation tubes.

Will the ChiliPad™ automatically maintain the set temperature?

Yes, when the power is turned on, the ChiliPad™ will return to the last set temperature.

Does it help with hot flashes?

Yes, this product is Doctor recommended to reduce the symptoms of a hot flash in both severity and duration.

Why do I need it for my whole body when just my head sweats?

Although many consumers feel the temperature problem at night has to do with their head getting too hot, the temperature build up is actually all over the body and just vented at the head area. When the whole body temperature is properly regulated, excess sweating will cease.

Will the pad change the feel of my mattress?

No, we have chosen materials to match the stretch rate of the sheets and mattress ticking used on the most popular mattresses.

Will I be able to feel the tubes in the mattress?

It is possible to feel the circulation tubes with your fingers if you search for them, but they cannot be felt when laying on the mattress. The silicone tubing is soft enough that it allows for a comfortable sleeping surface while still allowing water to pass through the tubes.

How much noise does it make?

The noise level is low. The only audible components are a fan that is similar to a desktop computer and a water pump that contributes as much noise as a small aquarium pump. The noise typically becomes part of the room’s ambient noise within two weeks, similar to an air conditioning unit.

Are replacement parts available?

Yes, we offer replacement pads and connection tubing. Visit our Accessories page to order extension tubes and replacement pads.

Can I use a ChiliPad™ with my adjustable bed?

Yes, the ChiliPad™ will fit and move with an adjustable bed. We do recommend that you purchase an extension tube (one per unit) to allow enough extra length for raising the bed.

What is the 90 day risk free trial?

When you purchase your ChiliPad™ from Chili Technology, your satisfaction is assured by our 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely happy with your ChiliPad™, call or email us within 90 days of purchase from Chili Technology. We will issue a return authorization and refund your purchase price, less shipping and handling. All other products sold by Chili Technology, LLC have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

What do I do if I have a problem with my ChiliPad™?

Email through the Contact page on this website. If you need a refund or an exchange, email us to obtain a return authorization number and shipping instructions.

What factors will increase temperature of pad on the bed?

Many outside factors increase the temperature of the pad on the bed, including ambient room temperature, body heat of the sleeper, the types  of sheets and comforter (ChiliPad™ works best with an insulating comforter or blanket over you while you sleep), having more than one tubing extension (we recommend only one extension per unit), as well as the position of control unit and access to sufficient air flow The ChiliPad™ unit should have 0.6 meters of clearance for proper air flow on all 4 sides and the top).

What does the 2 year warranty cover?

Our 2 year warranty covers only the control unit.